And Now for Something Completely Different / The Art of Arting

Up to this point I’ve pretty much posted a bunch of blogs that are kind of wading around in the art world, or at least they’ve been posing as profound in some way. Poseurs.

Today that changes.

I’m just here to say that I love Stardew Valley. I mentioned it in an earlier post. It’s what got me going in the direction of this daily blog. I’m persuaded that regular contributions to a pursuit will yield results. So, by regularly contributing to the virtual world of Stardew Valley, I’ve yielded some small amount of work ethic, oddly enough.

Anyways, this isn’t about me. This is about virtual me. My character has a cat named Gingerbread, two chickens (Babs and Bev), and two moo cows (Darla and Marla) on a small ranch that has harvested many a crop of cranberries and chili peppers. These fields are also home to several scarecrows and “rarecrows” (rare scarecrows – collect them ALL!) which are doing a great job of getting those demon-eyed crows out of my veggies. I’ve been fishing a lot and even won the fishing competition this year. My crops were so out-of-this-world stellar that I took home top honors for my display at the yearly fair. Me and Penny are starting to get closer because all she cares about are the diamonds I find when I’m adventuring in the nearby cave. It’s a good time in Stardew Valley.

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