Blurb / The Art of Arting

Writing a blurb is challenging. I guess it’s appropriate that this is my first entry in this series, because it’s the one that brings both the least pressure and the most pressure, causing me to second-guess what thoughts I announce to the world and how I present them. I’ve run through quite a few ideas:

-how comforting a creek is
-how not to write a blurb
-what kind of art advice could people use?
-maybe something about hearing my neighbor singing while doing the dishes

Ultimately it doesn’t matter. This is really about getting the ball rolling, which could, of course, be profound in some way, if I didn’t draw attention to it maybe being profound. I think that might be a key to art. Undersell what you’re doing and hope that somebody reads into it. Or maybe put an idea into it and see if anybody can find it without you pointing it out. Both of which I’m struggling to do here.

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