(Good) Experience Matters / The Art of Arting

I’m really beginning to find that the key to successful painting (or perhaps the key to success in anything) is the accumulating of experience. As a caveat, I think the value of experience will vary depending on important factors that are in the control of the individual. Here are my tips to get the most out of your experience:

  • Have a vision for what you’re attempting. This means a short-term vision for short-term things and long-term vision for long term things. And I mean “vision”, not “expectations”.
  • Experiment. Turn the dial all the way in each direction and see what happens.
  • Read to inform yourself. Videos will teach you, but reading will bring it out from inside of you. There’s a difference there and I want you to find it.
  • Embrace the idea that you will make mistakes. With a teachable attitude, this will grow your character and abilities more than success.
  • Be flexible. You will have an off-day. Let it happen.
  • Be gracious. You need your support through the process.
  • Keep your facts and opinions straight. It’s a fact that fat-over-lean painting techniques have worked well for preservation, material bonding, and successful painting. It’s an opinion that you “have” to paint a certain way.
  • Keep your head up, but your self in check.
  • Always be patient.

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