The Year of The Draggin’ / The Art of Arting

This year has been weird. Besides that one lady who I heard predicted 2020 to be a year of crappy times, who could have seen this thing coming? I guess that matters less than what we do with it while we’re in it and how we look back on it.

No politics. It’s a rule for this blog. Kind of a rule for my life.

All I will say is this: use this time for good. I know that there are a lot of definitions for “good” out there, some of which you agree with and some of which you don’t, but there are plenty of things that are good which we can all agree upon.

  • spend some time and energy on your family
  • contribute something of value to your work or your hobbies
  • take some time to read and think
  • do something that scares you or feels intimidating
  • give yourself and others grace
  • practice patience
  • clean your living space and develop good cleaning habits (I’m looking at me here)
  • I’m sure there’s plenty of other things, so maybe make a little list for yourself

Because, hey, life goes by pretty quickly.

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