Yesterday’s Promises / The Art of Arting

Life has seasons. We don’t really see many of them coming and often they can whirl around and overlap, change quickly, and mix together. Sometimes an afternoon can feel like a different emotional or spiritual season than the rest of the day. Personally, I can sometimes fixate on the idea that things used to be less jumbled and confusing. That there was an “old normal” in my life that disappeared at some point, giving way to a more disjointed and complicated reality which feels more burdensome or overwhelmingly swift.

Honestly, there might be something to this. Age brings more responsibilities. Also, our awareness of the world and the problems therein are more pronounced. We’re more plugged in. We join society in a different way. But I think there are other things going on that, when addressed, can lessen the load.

  • Yesteryear might not have been quite as rosy as you remember. Which means this moment you are in may have elements that would bring you joy, if you cultivate them.
  • Busyness might be stealing your days. Find time to slow down. Eliminate certain distractions.
  • Make time for people. But know your limits, because you should also…
  • Make time for yourself – actual time to do things you want (and need) to do.
  • Put the phone away. You cannot be present if your mind is residing on a virtual plane.
  • Plan something. Something out of the ordinary. A nice thing to do for yourself or for somebody you love or for somebody who needs it. A date night. A camping trip. A time to be creative.

Give yourself and others grace.

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