When is it Okay to Give Up? / The Art of Arting

Asking for a friend…

Just kidding. It can be tough to know what threads to follow in life and which ones to give up on. I think any thread we follow will give us some sort of experience, so maybe the key is just being able to glean a positive experience from whatever threads we’re tracking. Otherwise, we’re living in full-on FOMO, which can only give us despair. I think that’s a bit of an epidemic these days, especially in the United States of America and on social media.

Anyways, when’s it worth giving up?

I can think of a few general guidelines that I want to live by when it comes to giving up.

  • Give up on things that only bring pain and hurt for others in your life.
  • Don’t give up on something just because it is challenging or you aren’t able to do well at it yet or things aren’t going great with it at this point.
  • Look to others that have been there before and try to keep things in perspective.

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