Relax / The Art of Arting

Look, I’m not really a hippy. I find hipness to not really be an attribute that comes naturally. In fact, I’m not even sure hipness and being a hippy are related, but I assume so, and that probably means I’m not really “with it”.

My wife likes to stay healthy and one of the many ways she does this is through stretching routines. She will sometimes throw a yoga video up and follow the movements and instructions. Neither of us gain much from the spiritual aspect of yoga, but one thing that I have keyed in on is the idea of “breathing” to relax.

It’s not really mind-blowing. In fact, the source I do care about, the Bible, has some helpful thoughts on our breath. First of all, God breathed life into humanity. The Hebrew word for spirit is the same word to communicate breath. And, of course, this side of Heaven, our breath keeps us alive, as designed by God. We rely on our breath to feed our bodies with the oxygen it needs to operate.

I’ve found that when I meditate on God and life and where I am and who I am, it is not only helpful to close my eyes, as most Christians do, but also to take slow and deep breaths. There is something calming about it, often in a way that is also energizing.

So, the application today is to focus on your breath when you’re frustrated. Take a second to relax and breathe. As an artist or creative type, this is incredibly helpful and important in the creative process. There’s no doubt you will be overwhelmed at certain points, so take some time to lose focus a little bit in order to gain better focus, if that makes sense. Relax!

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