Finding a Flow – The Art of Arting

Just like anything else, there are peaks and valleys for the artist. Some days I don’t even want to look at a canvas or piece of paper. I can’t find that flow because I don’t even want to see it on the horizon.

Is that a product of laziness? Or procrastination? Or bad work ethic?

Maybe. But I think it’s perhaps more accurate to chalk it up to my humanity and leave it at that. No need to put undue pressure on myself. There are different seasons of life, years, months, weeks, days, and even hours.

I hope you agree.

With all of that said, I think there is something to be said for drawing upon our memories and reflections of the times when we were flowing smoothly. Can we let that motivate us?

Countless times I’ve found myself unexcited to paint or draw, but compelled to do so by the necessity of commission work. While sometimes this led to frustrating sessions where I wasn’t feeling my best, more often than not, when I practice those other things I’ve written about (breathing, resting, slowing down), I find that I quickly get drawn into the process and begin to work with a steady and confident flow.

So when I’m confronted with a day when I’m just not feeling the process, I know that I can still draw upon that knowledge. I’ve found those moments to bolster my confidence in my abilities and frame of mind.

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