Redesigning my Website – The Art of Arting

I think designing a website is like painting a picture. For it to work, you have to have a vision, a plan, and a determination to edit. Otherwise you may end up with something that isn’t readable, understandable, navigable, or clear.

My website needed a significant redesign. The theme I was using didn’t work very well, especially on mobile, and the whole site seemed both convoluted and distracted. Some aspects felt like they were from my heart, while others felt like they were examples of me trying to be something that I’m not. Which is another thing to try to avoid in art, hard as it may be for some of us.

So I went back to the drawing board. I had branded myself earlier as a Pacific Northwest artist, something that seemed smart at the time, but now seems kind of pretentious and commercial in a way that I’m not interested in pursuing. I decided to write my Artist Statement and really think a bit about what I’m trying to do with my craft. Doing so really helped me put down some of my current thoughts on my direction as an artist and the things that I actually care about.

Another aspect of my art that I’ve been avoiding advertising on this website has been the digital art and design that I have done and still do. I feel like I didn’t want anybody to see that side of me because it would make me “less of an artist” in their minds. These days I’m really trying to see that most people aren’t putting that sort of pressure on me and that I’m not even important enough of an artist to have opinions thrown around like that. Instead, I’m an artist with a digital background and a desire to create different designs to post on sites like Teepublic and Redbubble. There really is nothing wrong with that, as it’s just another shade and angle of my personality.

Incorporating those changes into my website makes this a page that is much more what I want it to be – a reflection of my experiences, my goals, and my current and past work. All are present along with this blog, which has been a useful tool for me to define my convictions and grapple with clear communication of ideas that are always such abstract ideas floating in my head.

I still have more things that I am planning on changing about the site and my business model. There’s always room to improve and grow. I feel like a little plant that has been moved to a larger pot, my short roots given plenty of room to expand and come into their own. I may not know in what ways I will be growing, but I know that I will grow.

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