The Growth Mindset – The Art of Arting

In order to grow, there must be room to do so. The fact is, the room is there and we don’t even realize that we’re gradually stretching into it, like roots in a flower pot.

It’s only natural to think of the places we haven’t yet arrived. Mentally, physically, skillfully, spiritually. The fact is, though, that life isn’t a matter of being exactly where we want to be. Contentment is great gain and we should learn to be content no matter where we are in life, because, the fact is, it’s where we’ll be for the foreseeable future. Foreseeable is the key word in that thought and something we need to seriously consider.

Have plans, have goals, track your habits, increase your output, and be all you can be. However…

Think back to who you were ten years ago or twenty years ago. Or maybe even a year ago. Have you progressed? Seriously take time to consider all areas of progression. You may be a very organized person and have several areas of your life that you focus intense energy and attention towards, in order to grow and succeed. Think about the areas that you haven’t focused as much energy on. Have you progressed? Has life moved forward? This can be a scary thought for some and an inspiring thought for others, as we start to take inventory of our journey, which oftentimes doesn’t even feel like a journey at all. Journeys should have roadways, resting spots, signs, and clear progression. If you take some stock of your life, you may find that you’ve encountered all of those things in different ways, without even realizing it.

Essentially I’m driving against the misconception that we are a stagnant people at times. Life may feel like it has stagnated, but all along the way we’re moving forward in time and everything around us is also moving. A year in the future and we’ve changed without even realizing it. Sometimes we’ve changed for the better and sometimes for the worse, as decisions and habits compile. Recently, I’ve found keeping a journal helps me better notice these changes. I don’t read back through my journals, but the daily short exercise of taking stock of different elements of my life gives me a clearer look at my thoughts, actions, and beliefs. In that, I notice change or clarity, helping me gain patience, perspective, and persistence.

I think a growth mindset is one of understanding. Understanding our limits, our strengths, and our weaknesses. Mostly it is about understanding how to keep afloat as we navigate an ever-shifting river of life. We’ll never move backwards, only forwards, so we’d better be aware of where we’re headed and enjoy the ride as much as we can.

In what ways have you changed? Are you inclined to take a closer look?

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