Mr. Consistent

Yes, learning new techniques is hard.
Also, learning new materials.
And, of course, communicating via blogs and promotions.
Then there’s upkeep of the website, improvement of artistic skills, commission work, personal work, and home life.
Lots of stuff to balance and contribute time to.

But, I’ll tell you what – consistency might be my biggest struggle.

The important thing about consistency is that it’s also probably my biggest ally.

When I’m consistent, I’m always making forward progress, but I’m also living in the moment. I’ve planned my time in order to utilize it well and when I’ve utilized it, I’ve made forward progress. Then I can go on to something else, without feeling overwhelmed by the burden of having to accomplish things, since I’ve already put the work in.

Think about your last month. Maybe you’ve eaten poorly and not given your body much exercise. This might make you feel bad about yourself or depressed. You might even feel like you need to start working out and eating better, immediately, with as much effort as possible. Without a plan of action, that impulse will probably fizzle out pretty quickly. Intense efforts usually come in short bursts and sometimes won’t be continued, even periodically.

Think again about your last month. What if, each day, you had dedicated ten minutes to walking or five minutes to jogging? Or maybe you had a specific meal replacement plan? What if you decided to do five push-ups each day? Or knee push-ups? Each day over 30 days and you’d have made some good progress. It wouldn’t have taken much time and it would have had some nice results, plus you wouldn’t feel like you had ignored your health. You most likely wouldn’t regret the short amount of time you spent on your body, but would instead have a new feeling of accomplishment.

That’s consistency. It’s not moving mountains in a day. It’s moving that mountain over time.

So that’s what I’ve been putting into practice these past few months and I’m starting to feel the freedom that it gives.

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