Phone Out: Losing the Draining Drug

Technology is amazing and I won’t deny the positive results that it can bring. Wonderful scientists and engineers have made tangible the intangible, making reality of ideas, thoughts, and dreams.

And yet, I feel the drain of one of these marvels of modern science. The phone.

Fogginess. Confusion. Frustration. General malaise. The detriments brought from an over-reliance on my phone have begun to outweigh the benefits. I have serious doubts as to whether I can even use my phone in a healthy way, since anytime I use it for more than ten minutes, I eventually feel like Frodo after he’s used the ring. There’s a sense of corruption for me.

Now, I’m not going to claim that everybody has this issue. It’s just something I’ve noticed in myself. So, I’m doing something about it. Today I’m going to begin a weekly chronicle of what it feels like to wean myself off of the phone.

I have a plan. Every Wednesday I will be posting the numbers in hours and minutes of how often I used my phone the previous week. My current goal is not to hit zero, but to limit to an hour a day, on average. Last week I was at 24 hours total, which is down from the old averages that hovered around 30 hours a week. Again, my aim is 7 hours a week.

I will also be keeping tabs on my mental, emotional, and spiritual state during this time. My hope and prediction is that each aspect of my life will improve. I’m not sure if I will experience any detriments, so I’m excited to find out. Currently, I’m feeling a little stretched thin, with low-key stress, a minor amount of anxiety, and an occasional need to perform a little shrug and shake to get out of the malaise.

Facebook isn’t what it used to be. Youtube has become all-consuming of my time. Instagram is a huge distraction. Each adds very little to my immediate life.

I will still use my computer for important things, like this blog and balancing the budget, but I’m hoping the distancing from social media will be the main trick in all of this.

If you have any advice or thoughts, please send them my way. Check back in each Wednesday and see how it’s going. Crossing my fingers for some good results!

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