Phone Out: Losing the Draining Drug – Update #1

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I apologize for this coming out one day late. I actually thought that it was a recurring Thursday article, but I was wrong when I checked this morning.

It has been another week and I have my new numbers. Here is the amount of time I’ve spent on my phone.

Previous Week: 26 hours

Past Week: 21.5 hours (Improved by 4.5 hours a week / 40 minutes a day)

Mental Health: I’ve found that my thoughts have been a little more clear overall. I’ve been more driven to focus on important things and haven’t felt as much malaise at the end of the workday. My brain has wandered creatively and deeply during my work shifts and I’ve even made time to focus on new projects, making progress in ways that I haven’t in the past. When I did use the Youtube app on my phone, I exchanged some of the more mindless viewing with helpful and informative videos that aligned with my business pursuits.

Emotional Health: In some ways my emotional health has improved. I think I’ve actually been a bit more in touch with my emotions, experiencing some nostalgic feelings and even having a moment of intense emotion that led me to seek out advice and information.

Spiritual Health: I took some time this week to reacquaint myself with a Christian book that has brought me some wisdom in how I navigate the world. Setting aside time for that felt good for my soul. I haven’t felt as rushed in my life.

What I learned: I learned that using my phone is like death from a thousand papercuts. In the past week I opened my phone for less than a minute 876 times. That could be to quickly check an email notification, use my calculator, check an investment, do a quick check on Covid, or any other minor task. In contrast, anything over a minute was done 237 times, with anything 1-2 minutes long amounting to 113 times (almost half) and anything over 30 minutes being only 12 times.

Some of my daily tasks or work tasks, such as taking pictures of products for clients or checking the budget can add up. Recognizing that helps me to give myself some grace in this battle, as I know that there will always be some time spent on the phone that I can’t fully control.

Goals This Week: Slow the feed scroll. When I go to search some information on Google, I end up at a home screen that has a bunch of stories tailored for my interests. I can get sucked into these stories pretty easily. I don’t check Facebook as often anymore, but when I do, I end up scrolling. I’m making a mental effort to stop myself anytime I start doing that.

I’m excited to continue this experiment and get a firmer grasp on any effects that may be taking place. Overall goal is still getting down to 7 hours a week. I’m slowly working my way there and we’ll see if that ends up being feasible. Thanks for sticking with me and I’d love to hear how you’re doing with your phone!

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