Artist’s Statement

I like to think of art as a very layered form of communication, full of meaning that is both directly stated and full of implications. Art is also a dialogue, as the artist provides an image to be viewed and interpreted by the audience, oftentimes with unexpected results, as the viewer has a completely different set of experiences to draw upon. There are so many variables in life that it would be impossible to overstate how diverse we all are. However there are also a great many truths that affect us all.

My hope is to explore those truths. Not just in the shared experience of our society (whatever that may mean) or the trends of design that populate our everyday. I truly believe that the greatest links between people transcend society, governments, and even history. We are more than our make-up after all.

Landscapes and portraiture, or even abstract expression and creation, can speak to greater themes than what they represent at first glance, many of which are taken for granted. The standing mountain – a beacon of time immemorial, stillness, eternity, and relativity. The crumbling building – a reminder of loss, mortality, and decay. The face of a man or woman – life, love, days past, flow of time, and remembrance.

All art has something to say and many of those things are not even known to the artist who creates. That’s what makes it exciting and worthwhile. Those that seek it will find it.

While you’re here, please feel free to send me a message. I’m always open to questions or comments.

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