What a load of “ART” / The Art of Arting

Art is a loaded word. Is it pretentious by default? Or do you picture crafts and crayons and kid stuff? Or old person stuff? It probably depends on your experience with art. Personally, I think of art in terms of emotion, but not in a lofty way that raises it up above the “common man”,Continue reading “What a load of “ART” / The Art of Arting”

Ideas vs Action / The Art of Arting

Idea guy. Problem solver. Abstract thinker. Lacking action. Procrastinator. Unrealistic idealist. These are me. My ideas can often just stay ideas.  What is the difference between a person who just sets out and completes something and a person who struggles to follow through? Perfectionism? Fear? Laziness? Over-ambition? I can relate to all of these reasonsContinue reading “Ideas vs Action / The Art of Arting”

Yesterday’s Promises / The Art of Arting

Life has seasons. We don’t really see many of them coming and often they can whirl around and overlap, change quickly, and mix together. Sometimes an afternoon can feel like a different emotional or spiritual season than the rest of the day. Personally, I can sometimes fixate on the idea that things used to beContinue reading “Yesterday’s Promises / The Art of Arting”

(Good) Experience Matters / The Art of Arting

I’m really beginning to find that the key to successful painting (or perhaps the key to success in anything) is the accumulating of experience. As a caveat, I think the value of experience will vary depending on important factors that are in the control of the individual. Here are my tips to get the mostContinue reading “(Good) Experience Matters / The Art of Arting”

Painting White Right / The Art of Arting

If you don’t already know, white has a tendency to lower the vibrancy of hues. Most amateur artists use it to lighten colors, but it can create an overall deadening effect because it can suck the life out of your painting. Three tips: – Titanium white is cool in hue and dominates colors. – ZincContinue reading “Painting White Right / The Art of Arting”

Perspiration ≠ Inspiration / The Art of Arting

If you haven’t felt inspired in a long time, maybe it’s because you’re rushing around too much. Find one of the things that speaks to you, rejuvenates you, something you feel you’ve needed for some time and have chosen not to do, maybe because it doesn’t always sound as appealing as something easier and moreContinue reading “Perspiration ≠ Inspiration / The Art of Arting”

A Video Game About Farming is Changing my Methods / The Art of Arting

One of the challenges of creating content on the internet is that excitement can peter out pretty quickly, either from the creator or from the audience. Expectations, time, interruptions, and so on can all derail a project or series that was conceived and initiated with the best of intentions. Personally, one of the most difficultContinue reading “A Video Game About Farming is Changing my Methods / The Art of Arting”