The Key to Success

Defining success is the first step towards obtaining success. Success is a different notion to different people and will have wildly different outcomes, both materially and psychologically, not to mention emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (although I suppose I just mentioned them). But that’s really not the thrust of this blog post. The thing I happenedContinue reading “The Key to Success”

The Growth Mindset – The Art of Arting

In order to grow, there must be room to do so. The fact is, the room is there and we don’t even realize that we’re gradually stretching into it, like roots in a flower pot. It’s only natural to think of the places we haven’t yet arrived. Mentally, physically, skillfully, spiritually. The fact is, though,Continue reading “The Growth Mindset – The Art of Arting”

Finding a Flow – The Art of Arting

Just like anything else, there are peaks and valleys for the artist. Some days I don’t even want to look at a canvas or piece of paper. I can’t find that flow because I don’t even want to see it on the horizon. Is that a product of laziness? Or procrastination? Or bad work ethic?Continue reading “Finding a Flow – The Art of Arting”

Add Things to the World / The Art of Arting

In the face of the hysteria and disunity of modern American culture, when all it takes is five minutes on Facebook to bring me down and put my emotions and brains on overload, it can be very difficult to not feel defeated, fatigued, and overwhelmed by it all. The pessimism can be draining. The hypocrisyContinue reading “Add Things to the World / The Art of Arting”

Fat over Lean / The Art of Arting

The most common question I get about oil painting is in regard to “fat over lean”. I went years and years without understanding how to best utilize this technique and I’m still learning new aspects. Even if somebody gets the general idea, there’s still much that isn’t understood when you’re sitting in front of theContinue reading “Fat over Lean / The Art of Arting”