Redesigning my Website – The Art of Arting

I think designing a website is like painting a picture. For it to work, you have to have a vision, a plan, and a determination to edit. Otherwise you may end up with something that isn’t readable, understandable, navigable, or clear. My website needed a significant redesign. The theme I was using didn’t work veryContinue reading “Redesigning my Website – The Art of Arting”

Add Things to the World / The Art of Arting

In the face of the hysteria and disunity of modern American culture, when all it takes is five minutes on Facebook to bring me down and put my emotions and brains on overload, it can be very difficult to not feel defeated, fatigued, and overwhelmed by it all. The pessimism can be draining. The hypocrisyContinue reading “Add Things to the World / The Art of Arting”

When is it Okay to Give Up? / The Art of Arting

Asking for a friend… Just kidding. It can be tough to know what threads to follow in life and which ones to give up on. I think any thread we follow will give us some sort of experience, so maybe the key is just being able to glean a positive experience from whatever threads we’reContinue reading “When is it Okay to Give Up? / The Art of Arting”

Fat over Lean / The Art of Arting

The most common question I get about oil painting is in regard to “fat over lean”. I went years and years without understanding how to best utilize this technique and I’m still learning new aspects. Even if somebody gets the general idea, there’s still much that isn’t understood when you’re sitting in front of theContinue reading “Fat over Lean / The Art of Arting”

Learning is Tough / The Art of Arting

I think you could probably ask anybody if they enjoyed school and you’d get a relatively common response that it was hard or boring or that they liked some things but were really bad at other things. I don’t necessarily think this is a problem with the system (although that is a deeper subject thanContinue reading “Learning is Tough / The Art of Arting”

The Year of The Draggin’ / The Art of Arting

This year has been weird. Besides that one lady who I heard predicted 2020 to be a year of crappy times, who could have seen this thing coming? I guess that matters less than what we do with it while we’re in it and how we look back on it. No politics. It’s a ruleContinue reading “The Year of The Draggin’ / The Art of Arting”