Mr. Consistent

Yes, learning new techniques is hard.Also, learning new materials.And, of course, communicating via blogs and promotions.Then there’s upkeep of the website, improvement of artistic skills, commission work, personal work, and home life.Lots of stuff to balance and contribute time to. But, I’ll tell you what – consistency might be my biggest struggle. The important thingContinue reading “Mr. Consistent”

Add Things to the World / The Art of Arting

In the face of the hysteria and disunity of modern American culture, when all it takes is five minutes on Facebook to bring me down and put my emotions and brains on overload, it can be very difficult to not feel defeated, fatigued, and overwhelmed by it all. The pessimism can be draining. The hypocrisyContinue reading “Add Things to the World / The Art of Arting”

Relax / The Art of Arting

Look, I’m not really a hippy. I find hipness to not really be an attribute that comes naturally. In fact, I’m not even sure hipness and being a hippy are related, but I assume so, and that probably means I’m not really “with it”. My wife likes to stay healthy and one of the manyContinue reading “Relax / The Art of Arting”